Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Featuring Unafrayed Sewing

I am super duper excited to share the work of a dear friend of mine.  Kathryn and I met college.  We lived on the same floor.  We bonded over late night study sessions, Gilmore Girls marathons while vegging out, concerts, chapels.  So fun!  Our friendship has passed the test of time and have been able to stay in touch over the years, being there for each other at our weddings and having the kiddos.  She has a beautiful heart and now a passion to sew. 

This year she opened shop Unafrayed Sewing.  I absolutely love the name.  It's a reference to fabric and thread coming unraveled or "frayed".  Fear is one her biggest struggles.  What happens to us when we have fear is very similar to what happens with fabric when it's frayed.  It prevents us from living the fullest life God has intended for us.  

Her vision is to make and sell quality, hand-made, useful items for families to enjoy for years to come.  She's currently making and selling bandannas for babies and dogs, but hope to expand in the future to sell quilts, burp rags, and bean bag toys.  How adorable does little man look in this bandanna?!  And he is a major drooler with all those teeth coming in.  

How adorable is this set?!  Perfect for the Fall or Christmas.  A great personal gift for a baby shower or birthday.  Head over to her Etsy shop and check them all out! 

Right now, if you spend $30 at her shop then get 15% off.  You can follow her sewing journey on Instagram and Facebook and be sure to tell her I sent ya! 

Have a blessed day everyone!


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