Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Fresh off the Tree

Some days I am the most random person.  I woke up one weekend with the deepest urge to go apple picking.  It was the perfect fall day and I've never gone before.  I woke up thinking, today is the day I want to try apple picking.  Ha!  After an hour trying to call to make sure the apple orchard was still open we didn't make it [we went to the zoo instead].  BUT my husband being the amazing man that he is, made it happen.

We were suppose to go on a hike but somehow ended up at the apple orchard.  It was chilly but we still had a great time using that tall stick to pick the apples and fill our bag.

Have you ever tried a fresh apple from a tree?  Let me tell you, it is delicious!!!  Fresh, cold, and sweet. 

Did I mention the endless options of apples.  An apple for every taste bud. 

The day was so yummy, but the best part was seeing the kids excitement.  I live for moments like this.  Memory building moments.  I'm a bit of a sentimental sap.  I know they wont be this little again and she won't always look at the world with such excitement and wonder.  These are those times to fill those memories with adventures like this.  

   This little cutie was bouncing all over the place squealing about how she can pick apples for herself from the bushes.  I loved her enthusiasm.  It warmed my heart.  She kept saying best day ever and on the ride home told us "I love our family".  She doesn't realize it now but that was the best compliment a kid could give her parents.  

Sappy rant over.... other than the fun the best part was hitting the bakery afterwards!  So many yummy treats!!  I couldn't decide so I got a little of everything.  I may or may not have eaten both of these desserts.  Which one is your favorite?!  

  Which is your favorite? 

Happy picking! 

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