Thursday, October 8, 2015

FLASHBACK: Halloween Themed Foods

Bringing you back to 2013 with some fun Halloween food ideas and our Halloween movie night snack! 

I can't believe how fast Halloween crept up this year!  Before I share the lunches I wanted to share the snacks I am bringing to the Halloween party tomorrow at Boo Bears school.  How fun are these green Frankenstein rice crispy treats?!  Okay so they took a lot longer to make then I thought but totally worth it.  If you are wondering what those things on the side of his head are it's mini marshmallows dipped in melted green candy melts.  I used pretzels to keep them in.  I had to throw something healthy in there so boo-nanas it is and some raisins.  Can't wait to see the kids reaction. 

Okay so on to the fun lunches for the month.... A spooky owl.

A mummy hot dog with a creepy crawler.  She loved this one because she loves hot dogs.

The Nutella Frankenstein sandwich.  Who wouldn't love chocolate for lunch?!

And last but not least the mummy sandwich.

Here's a fun movie night treat.  Monster cupcakes.

Until next time.  Toodles! 

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  1. Oh my gosh, adorable!! I love those monster cupcakes and all the healthy treats. I always do a healthy party for my girls group at work, so I am always looking for new non-candy Halloween ideas!

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