Tuesday, October 13, 2015

We've Been BOO-ed

I absolutely love our neighborhood.  It's that one neighborhood you dream about, where the kids go outside and take control of the streets.  Dads and boys playing baseball with those cheap plastic bats and foam baseballs.  It's one I'm so grateful my kids get to experience.  I fell in love a little more when we got BOO-ed this weekend.

Say what?!  This must be a new trend on Pinterest and I LOVE IT.  It's like a fun way to pass along treats between neighbors.  So fun for the kids!  The doorbell rang and there on the porch there was a bag, followed by who was it mommy?!  What is that?!

  Once you've been booed you hang up the Boo on your door, print out more sheets like below and pass along a gift two neighbors.  

Confession.  Not just fun for the kids because I was cracking up laughing delivering our boo gifts.  Grown up version of ding dong ditch.  And apparently I am the worst BOO ever because I mixed up the treatss so I ended up having to go back to my friend Liad to switch the treats.  I just hear her son say Mommy, it's Ms. Patty. Oh my word, we had the best laugh! 

Did you get BOO-ed this year?  

Until next time.  Toodles! 

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