Friday, October 23, 2015

Yummy Apple Cakes

If you're wondering what I did with the insane amount of apples we got from the orchard, I used tons to make apple cakes.  I will not disclose how many of these delicious little mini bundts with a caramel goodness glaze I have eaten, but it's been worth every single bite!

We all have that one pan we only bring out once a year.  For me, that's this pretty one that I use for my yearly apple bundts.  You can find this recipe HERE.  It's simple and delicious!  It always remind me of my lovely cousin Krista because it came from her.

There is nothing better in the fall that apples, baking, and friends over for coffee [or tea].  My friend Liad joined me this year and I how adorable is this mug?  I love what it says.

And this little guy woke up just in time to eat the cakes right out of the oven.  If he could talk, he would tell you they are so good!  Love that happy smile!

He's such a boy and I love watching him eat!

What's your favorite apple recipe?

Happy Fall everyone! 

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