Thursday, November 19, 2015

Mommy Time Out

In our household, timeouts apply to everyone.  Like a toddler tantrum, I have grown up mommy ones.  Exhaustion causes whining and irritability.  A messy house bring on the frustration.  Being overly "busy" produces harsh words and a mean tone.  These are my triggers and the bad mommy signs that I need a time out.

A little bit ago there was a mix of triggers which resulted in a full blown tantrum and luckily my husband called for time out!  He knew I needed a time out, the kids knew, God knew.  Why do I think that I can function like that?  Without needing to be refreshed.  Without taking time to myself to do something frivolous, unproductive, and completely just for ME.  

On this particular week we had planned a family day, but because the boys happened to be sick, he pushed my little lady and I out of the house for a special girls day.  A day that may have been so simple but one we both will cherish.

I love that man.  A time out away from the house, the chores, work, taking care of everyone. She was so excited, she insisted we get dressed up [because it was a girls day] and went to see the Peanuts.  Every mom and daughter we say at the mall, she would say hey they're having a girls day too!!  We went shopping together and tried on clothes.  Yes we did end up getting matching vests.  This girl cracks me up!  

I let her pick our fancy restaurant.... Chick Fil A and we had a blast for hours. 

I came back to reality feeling so refreshed and ready to tackle the world.  It's as if God knew as well how bottled up I was because the following day's Bible study was spot on talking about my struggles.  That Thursday I cried.  Feeling like a failure as a mom to my very aggressive little man not knowing how to deal with his behavior.  It felt so nice to be encouraged and just let it out. 

I'm no super mom or super wife.  I have a breaking point.  I'm human.  And in those times when I get so overwhelmed, physically and mentally exhausted I call for a time out.  A time out to simply be with God and dig into a good Bible study.  A time out to do something I love like craft or write.  A time out to spend time with just the girls no kids. A time out just for myself.  

Being a parent is no easy job.  It's exhausting raising those little humans.  Sometimes the least selfish thing you can do is to take a time out so you can be the mom or dad that you need to be. Do you ever take a time out?

Really appreciate you stopping by!  Until next time.

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