Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Number One Meal Prep Tip

If you know me, you know I'm a little wack-o about prep.  I'll save you from my crazy rant about meal prep and move on to my number one tip about preparing food.  

Here it is... 


Yup it's really that simple.  Just do it.  And let me expand.  Whenever you cook something, just do it, double the recipe and make a batch.  One to freeze and one to eat.  One for lunch and one for dinner.  Pancakes for the week instead of just for the day.  Get the idea?! 

If you're already going to make the mess, why not save yourself the hassle of cooking and dishes for another night?  When I make breakfast, I do a weeks worth.  I make a huge stack of pancakes, or cook up 8 eggs for cheese eggs, a big batch of omelets, 8 jars of overnight oats.  I say go big or go home. 

Then I place them in my little containers, stack them in the fridge and every morning in 30 seconds the kiddos have a nice stack of pancakes to go with their fruit.  

And these take and toss bowls with the lids are the perfect size for meal prep breakfasts, snacks, and fruit.  They only cost 3 bucks and are perfect!!  

Here's a bonus tip.  If you want to know how to make the perfect silver dollar pancake, use a tablespoon!  You get the perfect sized, uniform pancake every single time. 

You have to admit, everything is so much more adorable as a mini.  

Happy eating! 

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