Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Less Busy More Fruitful

My new year isn't just about cleaning up the house, but also my attitude and temper.  Yup, I confess that I am short fused and when things don't go my way, I get in a funk.  Sometimes I have a hard time being grateful and seeing the good because I'm so busy complaining and having a bad attitude.  I know it's an issue that doesn't change over night and will take time and effort.  It's an issue that God has been helping me work though.  

Everyday, I've been writing little nuggets from my devotionals to reflect on from my study on Numbers and Battlefield of the Mind.  Last weeks simple statement really hit home for me.

"God didn't call us to be busy but fruitful." 

 I know you must be thinking, what does that have to do with having a better attitude?  
God showed me that "busy" fuels my crazy.  When I am "busy" doing everything, it usually means I am also not taking care of myself, I'm losing sleep because there aren't enough hours in the day,  I'm so stressed because there is so much too do.  I'm the type of person who can't stop moving and can't stop going.... busy, busy, busy.  Busy is my kryptonite. 

BUT God is not calling me to be busy, to take on everything and do everything.  He is calling me to be fruitful.  I want to focus my time doing things that help me to fulfill my purpose.  Focus on my priorities and to do them well.

1. Make time everyday to for Jesus.  Preferably the morning.
2.  Time to the hubby, the kiddos, family, friends. 
3. Keep the house clean. 
4. Write more.  Read more. Listen more [I'm a podcast junkie]
5. Take care of me: eat right and workout
6.  Craft and craft some more

  When I pile on tasks, projects, this and that I get so exhausted and so overwhelmed.  Lack of sleep equates to rudeness.  Stress brings on the complaining.  With every task or decision  I've consciously been asking myself is this task or project busy or is it fruitful. 

And I'll end on these two final little nuggets from the week:

"Let your home be your parish, your little brood, your congregation, your living room a sanctuary, and your knee a sacred altar."

"A miserable heart means a miserable life.  A cheerful heart fills the day with song."

Have a wonderful week everyone!  May you be less busy and more fruitful.  


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