Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Sport-It Fitness Ring

Pregnancy weight.  Enough said.  Like most women, I indulged in every treat and told myself I was eating for two.  I put on the pounds and like most women it did not just melt off.  After getting cleared, I worked hard to fit back into my old jeans and tone those muscles back into shape.  [After baby one, almost due with baby 2, and now].  One of the workouts on my regiment was Pilates.

I love Pilates and Yoga because it's low impact and doesn't leave me feeling like I'm about to die.  I am not the biggest fan of cardio.  Equipment can be pretty pricey so I was excited to find o there was an alternative that would enhance resistance for better results.  Say hello to the Sport-it Fitness ring.  

I love this ring because it's compact, lightweight, effective and a great way to maximize results with the resistance.  

At some point in my life I may end up like my mother in law who can find any opportunity for a "work out" because all I could think of when I was doing the chest squeeze was I could do this while I am watching TV or just hanging out with the kids.  Ha! 

The hundred is a norm for Pilates routine but the ring made it way more intense!  You press your legs against the edges of the rings and pump your arms.  You can also lift and lower your legs while in the ring to get a good workout to the lower abdomen. 

A more intense alternative to leg lifts is placing the ring in between  your ankles and slowly lowering your ankle.  A great way to tone the inner thighs.

The Sport-It Fitness ring is a great addition to any workout and to my little home gym.  It's a great way to add extra resistance and stabilize certain workout moves.  Adding resistance will help avoid plateaus and can make your workouts shorter without compromising on results.  You can get the Sport-It Fitness ring on Amazon HERE

I received a discount on this product for my review of it. 


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