Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Test of Life

When I left college, I walked across that stage with my degree in hand thinking, I'll never have to study again.  Good bye piles of books, sleepless nights, and tests.  Hello freedom of adulthood...

It's been seven years since I graduated but here I am with my piles of books, experiencing sleepless nights [thanks kids], and daily taking the test of life.  Unlike sitting in a room with a pencil and paper, life's tests are more subtle.  In fact, I don't even know I'm taking them unless I'm paying attention.  Graduation isn't at stake, but the future of my life; my marriage, the kids, finances, career, and my own personal well being.  Life is full of tests and whether I choose to study for them is up to me.  

I'm not an expert in any of these areas, but thankfully there are many men and women who are.  They've come before me, and have graciously taken the time to share their knowledge in whatever test I'm facing. These book have become my classroom, the authors are my teachers preparing me for my future. I've learned how to use ultimate study guide for life taught by the best teacher I know. God's word has been the most relevant information for helping me with each test I face.  

I came into post college life knowing nothing about finances, but Dave Ramsey's Extreme Money Makeover was there to guide us.  Marriage is a test full of pop quizzes but Love and Respect taught me a lot.  Not only about us but myself.  I learned how to pray for him with The Power of a Praying Wife.  The most difficult class by far is parenting.  Loving Your Kids on Purpose is one I've kept coming back to.  And some have touched the wounds in my own heart, What a Difference a Daddy Makes. 

Life is full of tests and until graduation day, I'll pass some and fail some.  But until I reach that day, I will never stop learning.  Never stop growing. 


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