Monday, May 2, 2016

Top Three Moving Tips

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of CORT. All opinions are 100% mine.
When I married the hubby I knew we would be living the nomad lifestyle, moving where the military takes us.  We’ve been married for seven years and have lived in four different locations.   We’ve seen it all, across the country and overseas.  Moving is just a way of life and I’ve learned a few ways that may help you make your move easier.

If you’re military, I know you are laughing because we are called to move in a moment’s notice.  I remember having two weeks before movers were coming to move us from Mississippi to Germany.  BUT there are things you can plan now that will make your next move smoother.
  • Keep all important papers in one spot, preferably a folder. [Birth Certificates, SS Cards,   Passports, Immunization.]  When it’s time to go, you won’t have to go looking for these.
  • Have travel bags packed and ready.  Most likely than not we will be without a home for at least a week up to a month or two.  I generally always have our toiletries packed and ready to go.  I have a printout list that I go off of so I don't forget a thing.
Have you ever had to live in a hotel for more than a month? It took one month for our furniture to get to Germany from Mississippi so we stayed in a hotel.  It is difficult and frustrating trying to feel settled in a place that doesn't feel like home or have the comforts of home.  I wanted to cook and all I had was a microwave.  Even after leaving the hotel we still ended up having to  rent furniture for our new home because the cargo ship had not yet arrived.  We learned our lesson then and have always rented a small place and furnished it while house hunting. 

Now that we have kids it is essential to make everywhere feel like home.  CORT Furniture Rental is my choice instead buying off of Craigslist because of convenience and peace of mind.  We usually only have one car during the move and it gets too sticky .  Trying to work out his schedule so I can take the car to pick up a table and chairs that I will in a month have to sell again only to save a few dollars.  Talk about a headache. 
With CORT Furniture Rental I can order the furniture online and have it ready to be delivered or for pick up when we get to our temporary place.  If our orders suddenly change we cancel without fuss.  There is no hassle, CORT Furniture Rental is a one stop shop to make any place feel like home.  It’s more cost effective than getting a furnished place and in the end, it saves time, money, and my sanity.

Moving can be a drag.  It’s hard to say goodbye to a place you’ve made home and to people who you’ve grown close to.  I always try to take the stress and sadness away with a little fun!  I planned a big camp out in our house on our last move after the movers took the boxes away.  We pitched our ten dollar tent, had smores, and played games.  We had a blast!
We see moving as an adventure and always try to get the kids involved.  Letting them take ownership throughout the whole process!  They help pick the places we will eat, the furniture rental items we furnish our home with, and sometimes even the sites we will see.
Being on the go can be challenging but by planning ahead, making everywhere feel like home, and having lots of fun in the process can turn stress into memories.  

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