Fell In Love with Hey Honey

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Just recently I decided to try one of those box of stuff delivered to your door things.  I figured it would be a fun little mommy treat and who doesn't love getting mail?

I know there are a lot of options out there but I chose Ipsy for two reasons:
1. It's only $10 a month.
2. They emailed me.

I am NO make up expert but I do like wearing and playing with makeup.  Ulta and Sephora see me once a year for makeup products, maybe.  The only make up products I use are the ones recommended by friends, samples I randomly get, or the ones I stole from my big sis [who is a make up master].  So Ipsy and I seemed like a good fit. 

I'm a goof but I was so excited to take my little beauty test and get my first bag!  I don't love the bag but I figured it would be cute to use as a gift card holder for the future.  Here's what came inside:
Hey Honey [LOVE]
I hate falling in love with things that are out of my budget but this moisturizer is amazing!  I have generally dry skin and this does the trick.  Makes my skin feeling softer than a baby's bum, it doesn't have a weird smell, and it's for day and night.  It's $38 bucks and yes I plan on buying it.  

Colour Pop Gel Eyeliner  [LIKE]
It's a good eyeliner.  It lasts a long time and only smudged a little under my eye.  There isn't anything special about it but I would buy it again if I needed eyeliner

Urban Decay Eye Shadow [LOVE]
I love Urban Decay shadows but this isn't a color I would normally pick for myself.  I did fall in love with it though.  The two tone shimmer was really fun.  You can use it on the crease or on the lid of your eye.  
Blush [LIKE]
I like the color and the shimmer.  Mostly liked it because I needed a new blush. 

Here's the finished look with the new products.
I have to tell ya I really had fun with my first bag.  In fact, I've worn make up almost every day!  That's a stretch for this mama who is usually a chap stick and pony tail kinda girl.  It was fun trying the new products and learning more about how to apply makeup.  I'm already looking forward to July's bag.  

If you want to give it a try you can check out Ipsy HERE.  A special treat for $10 a month is great for a mom on a budget. 

Super Simple Yummy Mocha

Friday, June 10, 2016

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Folgers. All opinions are 100% mine.
I hate to admit it but most days I am a two cup girl.  Two cups of coffee kind of a drinker.  I'll have my morning cup and half a serving for my 3pm pick me up, though it's more like a 3pm sit me down. 
Most mornings are full of activity so by the time the late afternoon hits, I'm ready for my 10 minute break.  Stay at home mom's need a little time out too some days..... most days.  This is the perfect time for me to enjoy my cup of coffee and sit down.  Kiddos will be down for a nap or having quiet time and I'll sit for a few minutes with a good book to read and a little treat. 
Just the right combination of caffeine and mental break to get me revved up to finish the day.  Now this isn't just a regular cup because it doubles as a little sweet treat.  My super simple homemade mocha. I start with warming a cup of milk in the microwave.  
Then I add the hot coco mix.  Then a teaspoon of Folgers instant coffee.  It's best when topped with a whip cream!
In the summers I do the same thing and pour it over ice to make the perfect Instant Coffee super simple homemade mocha.  Yum yum!
It's the perfect 3pm sit me down treat because it's easy, sweet, and just enough caffeine to give me a boost for the end of the day.  You can find other really yummy coffee treats at Folgers Recipes.
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