Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Battle of the Trampolines

Ever consider getting your kiddos a little trampoline?!  I highly recommend it!  We love these mini trampolines [yes me included] especially in the winter time when they can jump out that energy.   We've now owned both versions, with the handle bar and without.  So which is better? 

Even though the kids LOVED the kid trampoline with the handle bar and jumped on it until it was so caved in we had to get rid of it, in hindsight this would not be my first choice.

This is the winner by a landslide.  So why is the adult mini trampoline the the winner over the kid trampoline?


Kid Trampoline: $36- $61 

Kid trampoline: took 1 hour and both my husband and I
Adult Mini: 10 minutes and just yours truly

Kid trampoline:  Only kids can jump and one at a time
Adult mini:  Mommy can jump [woot woot] and it's big enough sometimes two little ones can

Kid Trampoline: A pain because you can't remove the handle bar or fold it or nuffin. 
Adult mini: Can fit under my bed no problem.  Legs come our and it folds easily.

Kid trampoline:  Has a handle bar.... BUT my kids liked to swing and flip on it causing the trampoline to topple over. 
Adult mini:  No handlebars but also haven't had any injuries.  Even baby brother who is two jumps cautiously.  


Either trampoline will be loads of fun, but I would have never guessed the mini trampoline I bought for myself would actually be a better choice than the kid version.  The only downside to both that technically only one kid can jump at a time but at least they learn how to wait for their turn.  So, the adult mini gets two thumbs up. 

Until next time.  Toodles!

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