Tuesday, September 13, 2016

How to Make Elephant Toothpaste

Do you have a curious little munchkin who asks  one hundred questions a day?  I do too!  I knew that this experiment would spark her interest in science and be a fun way to learn.  Making elephant toothpaste is simple, just messy enough and uses most items you already have in your home.

Baking sheet [got it at the dollar store]
Instant Yeast
Warm Water
Plastic bottle
Hydrogen peroxide
Dish soap
Food coloring [optional]

1. Pour about a  tablespoon of dish soap in the bottle followed by the hydrogen peroxide.  Add food coloring if you want and swirl it around.

2. Pour the yeast in the warm water and let it sit until it gets foamy.  

3. Put those googles on to protect your eyes.  In our case it's sun glasses.  These cuties crack me up!

4.  Slowly pour the yeast mixture into the bottle and watch as the foamy "toothpaste" comes bubbling out of the bottle.

The reactions I got from the two little we're priceless!  Little man was unsure and she was in awe. 

I got the WOW followed by the why does it happen?  Well.... the dish soap becomes thick and foamy because each bubble is filled with oxygen from the hydrogen peroxide.  The yeast and water mixture extracts it.  

The reaction is quick and the bottle is warm from the exothermic reaction.  And there, I guess I learned a little something new today too. We call it elephant toothpaste because it looks like gigantic toothpaste coming out of a bottle, toothpaste meant for a large animal like an elephant. 

Elephants go through six sets of teeth in their lifetime!!  I'm sure the tooth fairy is quite busy in the animal kingdom.  

Elephants of course don't need to brush their teeth.  Their diet is leafy diet without any processed sugars allows for their teeth to get cleaned as they chew chew chew.  

There's nothing like a messy experiment to spark the interest of the littles scientists!   If you loved this idea or plan on trying this yourself, Little Passports will soon be coming out with a science box for kids ages nine and up. 

Not only would getting a package be fun for the kids but also the mysterious contents inside!  Just click on the image below for more details. 

Feel free to pin.

Until next time.  Toodles!

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