Thursday, September 8, 2016

The Not Gel But It's Like Gel Polish I Love

Ya'll know I am kinda crazy about nail products and rarely go without my nails covered in some sort of polish or design.  I'm always on the lookout for new products, testing claims of long lasting polish and so I was giddy when I got the Formula X Vox Box from Influenster.  

I have to admit I was a little skeptical.  I've tried them all and most fall short of their claims.  These hands go through lots of wear and tear in a day.  I'm washing dishes, kids, dogs, clothes, floors.  Constantly cooking, moving and doing.  So did the polish hold up to my abuse?   

Before we go into that, I want show you the application process.  It is just like any gel system, except it's not gel.   I started by prepping my hands... you know, trimming those cuticles, shaping and buffing. 

It's basically alcohol based.  This is the secret to any great mani.  It cleans your nails of oils that may prevent the polish from fully sticking.  

Works just like any primer but the drying time was super speed.

I was so surprised by the polish.  The color was thick but not sticky.  It came on smooth and most nails only needed one coat.  I call this color my See Ya Later Summer but it's really called TGIF. 

Just like a top coat but drying was yet again lightning speed.

I know what you're thinking..... that a lot of nail painting time.  I hate polish because of the WAITING and now there are three different coats?!  Hold your horses ladies because the polish dries insanely fast.

I was pleasantly surprised that I didn't have to sit around for ten minutes a coat helpless.  It took about two to four minutes which is almost the same as the gel lamp.

The finished product?  LOVE IT.  It doesn't feel as thick as gel mani but looks just as nice without the gel damage.  But the true test is how long it lasted...  Here is Day 1 in comparison to Day 5.  There is some chipping but considering it went through mad cleaning Monday, nightly baths with kids, dishes, and two baths with the dog it held up well.  Most of the expensive polishes I use only last about 2 days before the first chip and this took five.  Bravo Formula X! 

The best part about this system is the removal process.  It's in this tub and there's a foam with finger holes that is soaked in the removal stuff.  GENIUS.   Hang out for a few minutes and done.  So much easier than any removal products like those foils that I've tried.  

So overall I would definitely recommend this to the ladies who don't want to destroy their fingers with constant gel but want to get a gel like mani.  After my skepticism I did fall in love.... 

The lush, deep, only one coat color that didn't fade over time.
The lightning speed dry time with each step.
It lives up to it's long lasting claim.
Does look as good as a gel mani.
The removal tub.... it amazing!

Two thumbs up Formula X!

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