Last Minute Halloween Crafts

Monday, October 31, 2016

This month I kept our crafting time pretty simple.  Less than three items, lots of paint, and us.  We did some stamping with apples.  Cut apples in half, orange paint and you have pumpkin stamps.

Whose ready to stamp?

Dip.  Press.  Stamp.

And in no time these two were pumpkin stamping, finger stamping, hand stamping, and giggling.  If you've got some extra time you can turn their art into wall art.  A great reminder before we leave to let your light shine!

This second craft simply involved pumpkins and paint.  I don't know why they love doing this so much but they do.

Left hand.

Right hand.  He can't decide.

If you're feeling up to it get a little wild and crazy and put some stickers, pipe cleaners, pom poms, eye balls, and blue on the table!  

Or just keep it simple with paint.  Can you guess whose pumpkin is whose? 

 These two crazy basic crafts are not rocket science but a reminder to myself that sometimes it's the simple things that are the most enjoyable.  A few mini pumpkins, paints, a brush, and mommy and these kiddos are happy.

Happy Halloweenie!

It's BOO Time

Friday, October 21, 2016

Last year we got BOO-ed and it was so fun for the kids.  They ran to the door to find a bag of goodies for them.  What a great way to bless your neighbors and a fun excuse to ding dong ditch as an adult.  Haha. 

Our BOO bags were Pumpkin themed.  I strolled down the dollar section at Target to find the goodies.  Little pumpkin box, stickers, socks, glow bracelets, a mini pumpkin, and of course some candy.

Put it all together with the BOO printout you can find at, wait until dark and go out and BOO a neighbor or two.  Sorry my two neighbors who we BOO-ed if we came too late. 

This will definitely be a yearly tradition.  So fun [and a little stressful].  Toddlers don't make the best BOO's.  We ran from the first house, he tripped, fell, and started crying. HAHA.  Way to be discreet little man. The second house was more smooth and partly because I gave the kids a head start running before I rang the bell.  Good times! 

Have a BOO tastic day!

Monster POP Popcorn Dessert Bar

Friday, October 14, 2016

When I was a kid, Hocus Pocus and Halloween went hand in hand.  For our littles Charlie Browns Halloween is our yearly tradition.  I love surprising them with a movie night and a special sweet treat.  Remember that one year I made those monster cupcakes?  This year we had monster pop.

We made these monsters out of brown paper paper bags that have been kickin' it in my cabinet for way too long. They colored, I made eye balls.  We folded strips into silly arms.

Little man lost interest so sissy finished them.  Spooochy as he would say.

I prepped the goodies.  The best thing about a pop corn bar is you can make it as healthy or sugary as you want.  Who doesn't love a little skinny pop?! PLUS there is something a little extra for everyone!  To do a sweet and salty combo I used the Skinny Pop and some colored candy melts.

Melted the chocolate and tossed small batches of popcorn in it.  Best flavor combination!!  Any sweet and salty fans out here?! 

 I set up the little dessert bar for the kids and they got to use their monster bags!  Get it now?!  Monster POP.  Ha!  Since daddy is more of a healthy eater there was a tray of plain popcorn and I added cashews and craisins to the mix.  You can also use pretzels or marshmallows, M&M's, granola.  Whatever your heart desires. 

We took a pre movie fun selfie...

Got cozy and onto the main show... Charlie Browns Halloween.  

Our Halloween movie night is one of my favorite traditions but what made this year extra special for was what the little lady said before bed.  A sweet thank you for setting up the treats and planning a fun movie night for us.  Melts ma heart. 

If you want to plan your own pop corn bar for a Halloween movie night.... grab a bag of Skinny pop, some extra treats,  craft a little, sit and enjoy!  Feel free to pin.

Until next time.  Toodles! 

Let Them Eat Cake

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

 We had the honor of celebrating my sister, the soon to be bride with an extravagant high tea at the Culver Hotel in LA.  The party was stunning and each detail was on point!  Marie Antionette would have been proud.  But before I get into the details of the party, I have to gush about this cake!  Jaw dropping gorgeous right?!

I contacted Donna from The Cake Barn a tid bit late in the game and kept my fingers crossed.  She responded right away, I sent her the picture, worked out cake deatils, she sent me the quote, below our budget, ba bing, ba boom, deposit made over the phone and BAM I have a cake in the works.

What really impressed me about Donna was not that she delivers but how.  The cake was boxed up and protected from any fatalities or sticky kiddy fingers AND she included instructions on the unboxing.  One of the sides to the box comes down, pull and out comes the cake.  It's perfectly protected.

The topper was bubble wrapped surrounded.

She also included instructions on cutting.  Donna, you are awesome!  I have to admit we didn't want to cut the cake because it was so pretty but the dulce de leche inside was well worth the sacrifice!

The cake will live forever in this photo as the perfect center piece to the dessert table.  What mattered the most was that the bride LOVED IT.  She loved it so much that Donna is actually making her wedding cake as well.  

Still can't get over the beautiful detail.

And the topper didn't go to waste, it was used for some photo booth pictures.

 The Cake Barn is our family go to for any cake!  Can you be available in Virginia as well?!  So California friends HERE is all her info in case you need any amazing dessert creations.  Looking forward to seeing the wedding cake Donna.  

Until next time.  Toodles! 

Hello Make Up For Ever! I LOVE YOU

Thursday, October 6, 2016

My foundation was just about on empty and right at my front door was a delivery from Influenster with a brand spankin new foundation.  Thank you Lord for providing even my smallest of needs!   Say hello to Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation.

Kinda a weird name right?  Ultra HD.  It's suppose to give your skin a flawless look for those those fancy HD cameras that pick up every blemish and wrinkle on my face.  Get it? [heheh] It's a medium coverage foundation that can be built up.  Does it live up to its name?  

It does!!  I have to say after two weeks of using it, I'm sold.... sorry other unnameable expensive foundation you have been replaced.  Before I show you the "how to" let's talk about my trouble areas.  Here's my bare face:  fine lines on the forehead, acne scars, large pores on my nose and cheeks, unbalanced color.  

Applying is easy, just remember TAP and PRESS.  Tap the foundation on to your cheeks, forehead, and the area near your chin.

Press into your pores. 

Then buff...  Use that foundation brush to buff and smooth.  [SIDE NOTE: Love this brush from Younique thanks Kristina!]

TADA!  Perfect tone for my Asian yellow tinted skin.  The foundation comes in 36 different colors and if you go into Sephora they will help you color match your skin using this cool machine that scans your face.  Pretty awesome if I say so myself!

Finish my face and I'm ready to tackle the day!  

I love...
That it matches my skin tone well
It doesn't feel heavy or cake like 
Medium coverage [for winter] 
Lasts a super long time 
Easy to use 

If you want to see it in action check out my video... Say what?!  Yup me on video bare face and all.  

Will see you soon and tell you about this foundations sister, the ultra HD stick!  

Until next time.  Toodles! 
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