Thursday, October 6, 2016

Hello Make Up For Ever! I LOVE YOU

My foundation was just about on empty and right at my front door was a delivery from Influenster with a brand spankin new foundation.  Thank you Lord for providing even my smallest of needs!   Say hello to Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation.

Kinda a weird name right?  Ultra HD.  It's suppose to give your skin a flawless look for those those fancy HD cameras that pick up every blemish and wrinkle on my face.  Get it? [heheh] It's a medium coverage foundation that can be built up.  Does it live up to its name?  

It does!!  I have to say after two weeks of using it, I'm sold.... sorry other unnameable expensive foundation you have been replaced.  Before I show you the "how to" let's talk about my trouble areas.  Here's my bare face:  fine lines on the forehead, acne scars, large pores on my nose and cheeks, unbalanced color.  

Applying is easy, just remember TAP and PRESS.  Tap the foundation on to your cheeks, forehead, and the area near your chin.

Press into your pores. 

Then buff...  Use that foundation brush to buff and smooth.  [SIDE NOTE: Love this brush from Younique thanks Kristina!]

TADA!  Perfect tone for my Asian yellow tinted skin.  The foundation comes in 36 different colors and if you go into Sephora they will help you color match your skin using this cool machine that scans your face.  Pretty awesome if I say so myself!

Finish my face and I'm ready to tackle the day!  

I love...
That it matches my skin tone well
It doesn't feel heavy or cake like 
Medium coverage [for winter] 
Lasts a super long time 
Easy to use 

If you want to see it in action check out my video... Say what?!  Yup me on video bare face and all.  

Will see you soon and tell you about this foundations sister, the ultra HD stick!  

Until next time.  Toodles! 

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