Friday, October 21, 2016

It's BOO Time

Last year we got BOO-ed and it was so fun for the kids.  They ran to the door to find a bag of goodies for them.  What a great way to bless your neighbors and a fun excuse to ding dong ditch as an adult.  Haha. 

Our BOO bags were Pumpkin themed.  I strolled down the dollar section at Target to find the goodies.  Little pumpkin box, stickers, socks, glow bracelets, a mini pumpkin, and of course some candy.

Put it all together with the BOO printout you can find at, wait until dark and go out and BOO a neighbor or two.  Sorry my two neighbors who we BOO-ed if we came too late. 

This will definitely be a yearly tradition.  So fun [and a little stressful].  Toddlers don't make the best BOO's.  We ran from the first house, he tripped, fell, and started crying. HAHA.  Way to be discreet little man. The second house was more smooth and partly because I gave the kids a head start running before I rang the bell.  Good times! 

Have a BOO tastic day!

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