Styling an Old Small Kitchen

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Something crazy happens when someone believes that you can do a job that you are completely unqualified to do.  You may actually do it and exceed your expectations!  Imagine that. 

That is exactly what happened when the hubby informed me that he bought a new rental property that needed a "little work".  Our other places have been move-in ready.  This would be the first we got our hands dirty in.  Ya'll I was a little intimated when I saw the plastic coating peeling off the cabinets.

"You can do it!" 

The words of a confident man who seen his wife use cans of spray paint on a few small pieces of furniture.  I nervously mustered up an "I can try".   Then came boatloads of Youtube because we all know it is the mecca for the how-to.    More than twenty hours later, primer, paint, and the kitchen were finished.  It came out SO MUCH better than I had anticipated, all because someone believed I could.


Something crazy happens when you believe you can.  You go and try to do something you're completely unqualified to do.  Imagine that!

I was so excited after finishing this little kitchen I channeled my inner Joanna Gaines and decided to style it for the listing pictures.  Ha!  I am generally a very indecisive person but I opened up my Target app and clicked away with confidence.  Rug,  curtain, cake stand [this is my very special treat].  I grabbed a tray, a vase, my tea container, some faux plants from my house and I was ready to rock and roll.
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I even went so far as to climb this tree to snip off some blossoms.  Hubby told me my daughter used a large branch to climb on.  Her mother on the other hand not as smart.  I moved that branch and decided to give watching neighbors a funny show.   Took off the shoes and prayed the two tiny branches I held onto while jump climbing wouldn't break.


The words of a man who did not realize his wife was going to take this little kitchen to the next level. The words made me feel proud.
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I have an attachment to this kitchen.  We've spent so much time together and I've seen it transform.  In actuality, we have transformed together.  The beauty of this little kitchen is the journey.  It pushed me to learn something new, make mistakes, and take chances.  I am more decisive and more confident with a roller brush.  I turned this outdated kitchen into a lovely place for someone else all because someone believed I could do a job I was completely unqualified to do.

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Love the mix of textures, blues & greens, glass, metal, and wood combo?  PIN AWAY sistah!  Whether you're completely resurfacing your cabinets, or just updating your space, or jumping into something completely new, know that I BELIEVE IN YOU!

Easter Basket Ideas

Monday, April 15, 2019

I'm feeling the sting of the evolution of our Easter Baskets.  When did we go from sippy cups to legos?  How did we get from bows to nail polish?  My mama heart is a little tender whenever I see evidence that my once babies are growing up to be "big kids".   Old Easter baskets reveal the passing of time but one thing remains the same, the formula for putting them together even when they were babies.

[Slightly weeping over these more mature Eater Baskets.]

When it comes to putting it together, I follow a three-part rule: needs, wants, and yums.

The kids have yet to discover that the bulk of what goes into their baskets are things I would already be buying them.  HA!  In the last couple of years, the needs have been geared towards the upcoming spring and summer.  It is also a great time to gift and replenish art supplies and outdoor items.   I've included: hats, flip flops, bathing suits, pajamas, socks, toothbrushes, sunglasses, art supplies, bubbles, chalk, paints, books.

This portion of the basket contains a want, generally a toy or a trinket.  I've done movies, nerf guns, potato heads, toy trains, stuffed animals, whatever catches my eye at the dollar section at Target, and little do and throw crafts from Michaels.

Candy.  A basket is not complete without candy!  This is going to sound terrible but over the years I have used leftover Halloween candy to put in the plastic eggs.  Shameful, I know.  They didn't care, they were just happy to be loaded with sugar.  One year I created eggs by sewing two pieces of pretty scrapbook paper filled with candy to rip open.

So what is in this year's basket?
NEEDS: bathing suit, spring/summer shoes [my kids and I love Natives], cover-ups, toothbrushes [exciting, I know]
WANTS: legos, nail polish, squishy pencil covers, fun glasses
YUMS: Halloween candy and a surprise egg [anyone else have kids that love these]

If you'd like a list of ideas this site 101 Kids Easter Basket Ideas is still my favorite go-to.  I also posted some fun ideas friends have shared on what to put in Easter Baskets or how to present them on my Facebook Page.
Easter baskets-2

Hoppy Easter everyone!

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