Thursday, March 29, 2012

Decorating a High Chair for a Birthday

It's time for the spring babies to celebrate their birthdays.  One of those is Cindy's cousin Andi who will be turning one.  I saw this picture of a high chair decorated with streamers and I loved it!  Too bad I didn't see it before Cindy's birthday.  All you need is streamers but I added a banner too.

I hate showing unfinished work but I needed to mail it out so I took pictures before I added the pretty ribbon.  Each part is actually tied together with a pink bow.  Oh well, it is super simple but really cute huh?!

I think decorating the birthday person's chair is a cute little touch.  For Cindy, I displayed her ONE onsie and I left her cake on the high chair ready to be devoured. 

Can't just have a high chair banner, I also made a matching Happy Birthday banner.  I love the colors and the prints.  It just makes me.... 

Can't help it, I am a paper cutting, banner making fanatic.  I also must share the vendor that she found to design all the graphics because they came out so darn cute!!  TBone Squid created fairies that stand for centerpieces.  You cut and attach the wings on.  She also made her adorable invitations and fairies that will be flying from the ceiling.  Adorable!  Check out her etsy site because she has some really cute stuff. 


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