Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Happy List: Good to be Home

Linking up with Mamarazzi to share my happy list...

There is no better place than home for me.  Hate to say it but I really don't miss being back in the states.  I love being back in our small town living our simple lives.  I am a homebody and nothing makes me happier than being at home.

Cooking breakfast makes me oh so happy.  I sure missed all my pots and pans.  I made Cindy these yummy flower pancakes with fruit in the middle as her first official breakfast back home.  Silly girl ate all the peaches and left the strawberries for me.
Sitting here makes me happy.  This is the "mommy" spot.  My couch and my little relaxation corner with the sun beaming on me through the ceiling.  This is like our little green room and my favorite room in the house. 

Reading makes us happy.  Cindy has thoroughly enjoyed going through all her books throwing them everywhere.  Reading stories that were my favorites as a kid to her makes me happy!

What is making you happy this week?



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