Monday, March 26, 2012

Make Your Own Resurrection Eggs with Free Printables

I can't believe Easter is right around the corner!  I wish I had more time to do crafts and bake all the fun Easter-y treats but my time is so limited thanks to our transition home.  I can't believe how tough it has been to get back into a routine, clean the house, and get Cindy comfortable in a new environment.

Anywhoo, enough about me and onto the fun. This is a really cute count down you can start twelve days before Easter Sunday.  I am a visual kinestheitc learner so I tend to teach that way.  So, Cindy won't just be learning about Jesus through reading thanks to my learning style.

Resurrection eggs brings me back to when I taught Sunday school.  You can buy them from amazon or any Christian book store for about $16.  There is a book that goes along with the activity called Benjamin's Box that you can buy for about $8.  It is a cute set but I am a cheap-o.  I made my own set for about $2 and plan to just print verses that correlate to each egg.  

Mine is not finished yet but I wanted to share it now in case some of you wanted to open an egg  everyday until Easter.  This gives you a few days to put it together.  All you need is a dozen plastic eggs....

And a few things I found around the house and outside.  The verses correspond to the objects.  If you have little little kids, be careful with some of these objects because they can be dangerous.  Those thorns I picked from outside sure hurt me!

Then put it all together.  I plan on painting the carton and making it all pretty with a label on the front.  Maybe even throw some glitter on it, who knows.  If you have older kids, this would be something fun to do with them.

Pretty easy isn't it?! I even made the cross, out of a Popsicle stick.


Now, I haven't printed out the verses yet, but I created a free printable for you all.  The verses came from this site and the graphics from the printable came from the Junelily Blog.  Be sure to check out the site for other printable because they have some pretty adorable things!  

If you want to print the verses out remember to click Actions, then View all sizes, and download the size you want. 
Part one is HERE


Part 2 is HERE,

Part 3 is HERE.


She won't really understand it this year but when she gets older and we continue this tradition, she will know the true meaning of Easter.  What a great opportunity to talk about Jesus and to share that Easter Sunday is not a celebration of Jesus death.  We celebrate because he is risen and the tomb is empty, just like the last egg!


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