Saturday, March 24, 2012

Repurposed Shirt [Pin it and Do it]

So I meant to post this yesterday, but midday the internet went down... I unplugged the router, restarted the computer and did everything but couldn't figure it out.  Today I called the internet company and all that happened was someone pressed the little button on the back of the router. It turned off the wireless.  That little someone has very little fingers and boy is she a handful!

Anywho, this weeks pin it and do it comes from My Style board.  Last Saturday, my future cousin Juliana and I decided to have a Pinterest day and we chose to recycle old shirts.  I am all about recycling and cutting up old shirts and turning them into something new.   It came out pretty cute and Juliana you look beautiful wearing it!
Not as easy as it looks.  Getting the shirt to fit right was a little tough.  It kept coming forward in the front and just doing all sorts of weird things.  I think part of it was because used the wrong kind of shirt.  It is best to use a thin knit/jersey material.  Be sure to cut it a little at a time and then try it on.  You can't put back what has been cut already.  Overall, a very cute beach shirt or something I would wear lounging in the house.  I do love the racer back.

To fix the problem on the front, I scrunched up these little pieces and put them on the front sides.  There are a million tutorials out there floating around YouTube and the blogging world, so if you ever get bored be sure to try this, especially with summer right around the corner.
And since it was Saint Patrick's day, green nails were a must.  Don't you love that dark green glitter?  It is actually loose glitter that we sprinkled on top of a top coat.  Love it! 

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