Friday, April 6, 2012

Paper Carrot Garland [Pin it and do it Friday]

To my surprise people actually are getting inspired by Pin it and Do it Friday and it makes me oh so very happy.  So here we are again, Friday and time to do another pin.  This week my friend Celia shared a pin that she did and it is so cute I had to recreate it!  You can find the pin here.  It's a carrot garland!  Adorable right?!  Just ignore that one crazy carrot in the middle.

Thanks Cel for sending me the pic!

I know it is kind of self explanatory by looking at the picture but just in case, here is how you do it.  One strip of orange and three of green.  Fold the pieces in half and scallop the orange strip.  I couldn't find my pretty scissors so I did it myself.

Glue the bottoms of each piece.

Then place some hot glue on the bottom of the green pieces and pinch it between the carrot portion like so.

Once it is dry, then you can adjust. Punch a hole as close to the bottom of the green pieces.

String with ribbon, twine, or whatever you want and hang it up!  Super easy, adorable, and a great one to do with the kiddos!

Another cute pinterest garland is this one cousin Krsita made from paint swatches.  Isn't it cute?  Thank for the picture cousin.

  So what have you been working on from pinterest?  Link up or send me your photos!!!


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