Sunday, April 1, 2012

Paper Easter Eggs Filled with Candy

There has been lots of creating going on in my house and I love it.  Even Cindy is getting in on the action!   Anywhoo, I am really excited to show you these darling little paper eggs I made for Easter.   Aren't they so cute?!

It is also super easy to do.  I cut some scrap book paper into two pieces shaped like an egg.  Then, I used my slice to cut out the chick and I glued it on.

You will also need some candy to fill it with so this chick egg will be filled with angry bird gummies hehe.  How fitting right?

All I did was sew around the egg [zig zag was the cutest stitch] leaving an opening at the top, fill it, and then sew it shut.  Yup it is as easy as that.  Now, if you don't sew, you can tape it, staple it, or even use a glue gun.  I just liked the way it looked sewed.

And to get the treat, you just rip the paper open.  Adorable right?!

It is even more fun if you have kids that are a little older than my itty bitty.  You can print some egg coloring pages for example HERE, have them color it and make these.

 I wanted to make one for my hubby so I used some art work from my favorite finger painting artist.  I cut them into an egg shape and picked out his favorite candy.

Added a chick and sewed it shut.  This one is going in the family Easter basket.  One for my little Cindy and a special one for Daddy. Stay tuned because I have more fun things coming.

I am going to start a linky party with all the Easter stuff we have been doing at the house so feel free to add your link or email it to me and I might just feature it!


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