Friday, July 18, 2014

The Classic Zen Swaddle by Nested Bean

 Nested Bean contacted me telling me they introduced a new swaddle called the Zen Swaddle Classic and I had to have my hands on it!  It's been a few months since I've written a review on their Premium Swaddle HERE and let me tell you, the Zen swaddle i little man's favorite.  We love the Premier but the Zen Classic is perfect for summer!  It's light weight and the cotton is super duper soft. 

He use to have a love hate relationship with being swaddled but now it's an essential part of our bedtime routine.  He is knocked out in two minutes flat after being swaddled in the Zen!  

The Classic is so cute too and comes in three different colors.  A neutral white, pink and blue like this one. 

The construction of this swaddle is pretty much the same as the Premier [pictures from the Premier]... 
a small lovely newborn pocket 

and my favorite part is the wide and soft Velcro that they use.  Makes it easy to wrap those wiggly worms up. 

The Classic is also lightly weighted, which is what makes the Zen different than other swaddles.  It's what I love about these swaddles.  Again, this doesn't affect it when washing.  Just Velcro it shut, wash and dry.  The Peruvian cotton just seems to get softer with each wash.  

There are a lot of swaddles out there and I know the Zen costs a bit more than others.  This was probably the only thing I didn't like about it. After having the Premier for months, I can tell the difference and know why it costs what it does.  The fabric they use on these swaddles is quality.  The cotton on the Classic is just so so soft [I can't say it enough] and the Zen swaddles we have will definitely be passed down to family who have kids in the future.  Plus I love all the little details, like the stitching on the bird.  Way to go Nested Bean!

This was his first time using the Classic and as you can see it was a hit.  It's super easy to use and much safer than using a regular receiving blanket.  I wrapped him like a burrito and right away his eyes just started to sink...

Until BAM he's out cold.  

He's already sleeping in two six hour shifts and being swaddled is part of the reason.  On those rough days I also swaddle for naps and he will sleep for two to three hours all wrapped up.  I can't get enough of watching him sleep.  So sweet! 

He loves Nested Bean's Swaddle and so do I!  You can check it out on their website HERE or on Amazon HERE.  

Until next time.  Toodles!

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